Born in Madrid on November 12, 1957, Marta started playing golf at age 7 when her father, president of the Spanish Federation of Golf for 8 years, was taking her of caddy. He and José Gallardo were the most influential people in her golfing career.

She studied three years of medicine at the Complutense University of Madrid. In 1979 traveled to USA, where she studied at University of Southern California with a golf scholarship.

She graduated Cum Laude in 1982 in Humanities and Social Sciences and passed pro in October of 1982.

She played on the European Tour and the LPGA mostly until 2001.

In 1997 was born in Sarasota, that her son Nicholas USA.

She lived in USA for 23 years, and now lives in Madrid with her son.

In late 2000 she began working with the Spanish Golf Federation’s National Women’s Team coach.

In 2002 she also began coaching, the team of the National School Blume. And several professionals.




Children Win Championship Spain


Children Win Championship Spain


Spain Win Women’s Doubles Championship


Spain Win Women’s Doubles Championship
Earn International Junior Female
Silver medal at the European Championships Juniors Team


European Championship Gold Medal Junior Team
Spain Female Runners Camp of Absolute
Reserve Champion Junior Camp in Spain
Chosen Best Female Athlete of the Year


Win the Tournament of Champions of Europe ( Fiat Trophy)
Win International Junior Championships Spain
Sub – champion Absolute Spain Championships
Represent Spain at the World Amateur Championships


Win Absolute Spain Championships
Spain Wins Junior Championships
Earn International League Doubles Spain
Win International Championship of Italy
Win International Championship of France
Win the Tournament of Champions of Europe ( Fiat Trophy)
Selected in Europe team Vagliano Cup


Player # 1 in the USC team
Sub – champion of the British Open ( Professional )
Awarded the Gold Medal for Merit in Golf
Member of team Spain in the Women’s World


Championship runner-up Canada
Sub – Japan Open champion ( Professional )


Winner of British Open Professional
International Award winning Italian
Winner of 3 college degrees
All- American Team for USC
Scholar Athlete of the Year by USC
Sub – champion of the World Championship , Switzerland
The Sports Council grants the Silver Medal for Sports Merit



Win 2 tournaments on the Futures Tour American
Win 2 tournaments on the Ladies European Tour
Classified in the 1st LPGA Tour School


Golf Digest LPGA Rookie of the Year
Member of Team USA in the Nichirei Cup vs Japan
Second in the Safeco Classic
10 Top- 10 on the season
12th position on the money list LPGA

1985 , 86, 87

Consistently top-10 finishes during the season .
Second in the British Open 86 and 87


Used in the Mazda Classic
Second in the Sentinel Classic


Award winning Hawaii Open
JC Penney Classic winner with Brad Bryant




  • Marta es entrenadora nacional desde el año 2000
  • Entrenadora de la Escuela Nacional Blume de la Real Federación Española de Golf desde 2002
  • Capitana de la Jr. Solheim Cup en 5 ediciones (2001 al 2009)
  • Co-capitana de la Handa Cup en 2 ediciones (2011 y 2012)
  • Miembro del junior Solheim Cup Committe
  • Entrenadora de diversos jugadores profesionales como María Hernández, Tania Elosegui, Javi Colomo o Juan Sarasti
  • Medalla de oro al mérito en Golf
  • Medalla de plata y bronce al mérito deportivo otorgada por el consejo superior de deportes.
  • Certificaciones de TPI Junior 3 y TPI Pro 2
  • Curso de Vision 54
  • Coaching las 7 P’s para potenciar personas.
  • Vector Putting Reading


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...que decir de Marta... la mayor influencia en mi carrera profesional y quien me ha convertido en la jugadora y persona que he sido y soy en un campo de golf. Por siempre agradecida...

— Tania Elosegui, Ladies European Tour Player

No puedo pensar en el golf femenino Español sin la figura de Marta Figueras Dotti. Pionera en el mundo profesional femenino y gran entrenadora de amateurs y profesionales que siempre ha sabido transmitir sus grandes valores al mundo del golf y a sus amigos. Me siento muy afortunado de contar con su amistad y ayuda.

— Santiago Luna, PGA Tour

Si buscase en un diccionario la definición de COACH, seguro que aparecería el nombre de MARTA FIGUERAS-DOTTI por alguna parte. Personalmente considero que Marta reúne todas las cualidades que un buen Coach debe tener. Especialmente destacaría la habilidad que tiene para ESCUCHAR a los jugadores y transmitirles la pasión por este fantástico deporte que es el Golf. Marta es capaz de sacar lo mejor de cada jugador tenga el nivel que tenga. Si estás buscando a un buen Coach, no dudes en contactar con ella!!

— Jesus Rodriguez, Director Técnico Centro de Excelencia RFEG y Fundador de Junior Golf Coaching

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It has been presented in Pozuelo de Alarcón ( Madrid) sports scholarship Marta Figueras-Dotti, awarded annually to a Spanish professional golf player . In the first edition was issued in October, coinciding with the celebration of DISA Spain Championship Professional Women 2013.

Marta Figueras-Dotti explained how the idea of creating a scholarship aid professional women’s golf was born: “I have long tried to promote women’s golf in this country because I think that is very neglected and to this end , I’ve contacted DISA (Distribuidora Industrial SA) is a company founded by my grandfather with 5 friends . It all started when young decided to invest in a gas station on the island of Tenerife and what worked and did well so they decided to buy another and then another and so grew up and went on to become what is now known as DISA . I asked their support to help me in my goal, and finally, after many conversations, effort, work and involvement by all they have decided to sponsor the League of Professional Women Spain this year, and this scholarship. I am enormously grateful for their support, and hope that his romance with female golf lasts over time.”

The jury for the award consisted of five renowned professionals in the in the field: Marta Figueras-Dotti, winner of the British Women’s Open in 1982 while still an amateur, and a pioneer in the American LPGA Tour, where he won the first victory Spanish history in Hawaii 1994, Alexandra Armas (golf pro and CEO of the Ladies European Tour for eight years until last December), Jesus Rodriguez , Technical Center of Excellence RFEG ; Alicia Garrido, executive director of Deporte & Business, and organizer of professional women’s golf events, and Iñigo Aramburu, CEO of Deporte & Business, organizer of Spain Women’s Open and Women’s Championship in Spain DISA .

The aspects that will be assessed for the award of this grant will be the professionalism of the player , understood in its broadest spectrum (discipline, humane treatment, care of the image …) personal effort, both at work inherent in the competition as in supporting the Spanish women’s golf, and athletic performance. However, for the player to receive the scholarship must appear outside the top-100 global at the time of the award : ” It is financially assist those players who need it, and we understand that once ranked among the first hundred of the world, that financial aid is not so necessary and binding to remain competitive , “said Marta Figueras-Dotti during the presentation.

The scholarship shall comprise a minimum cash prize of 7,000 euros, thanks to sponsorship from DISA, company of Canarias for energy products distribution, as well as the personal contribution of Marta Figueras-Dotti. Additionally , the recipient of the scholarship will get a free service offered by Deporte & Business, and coaching of Figueras-Dotti.